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250 Place d'Youville, 2e étage

Montréal (QC) H2Y 2B6

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Luc Arnault - Jean-Rémi Thibault - Stéphane Cléroux


Intuitu personae

Intuitu personae means “specific to the person”. It’s also our boutique law firm’s motto. At Arnault Thibault Cléroux, we provide dispute management and resolution advice personally tailored to your specific situation. We develop winning strategies to protect your rights and interests and those of your business. We put our passion and experience to work for you. We meet your needs with personalized, effective solutions.

Jean-Rémi Thibault,

associé et arbitre accrédité

Kevin Lafrenière 
Janick Dupré
Francis Belhumeur 
Louise Touchette
Amélie Millette-Gagnon
Luc Arnault
Marie-Claude Martel
Louis P. Bélanger
Jean-Rémi Thibault
Nathalie Leclerc

The power of teamwork

Our team is the key to our success—and yours. At Arnault Thibault Cléroux, team members work together and share their expertise to ensure your success. Our lawyers are seasoned litigators in many different fields of law. They are known for their thoroughness, integrity, and high ethical standards. They are constantly on the lookout for effective, practical, and realistic solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Stéphane Cléroux,

associé, arbitre et médiateur accrédité

Our know-how
at your service

We provide our clients with the services they need to satisfactorily resolve litigation or better yet, prevent it from occurring. Arnault Thibault Cléroux boutique law firm’s broad experience means you get personal support, including in civil, commercial, and family law. We regularly appear before all the Quebec courts and tribunals and use alternative dispute resolution techniques where appropriate. You could say we’re ready for anything!

Luc Arnault,

associé et arbitre accrédité

Arnault Thibault Cléroux

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Join our team

Arnault Thibault Cléroux is a boutique firm specializing in litigation. With us, you’ll tackle exciting cases with an enthusiastic team devoted to its clients. You’ll plunge into the action and argue cases that put your skills and experience to work. We’re always on the lookout for dedicated colleagues, skillful communicators, and cunning strategists who can adapt to the needs of their clients and the practice. Creativity and listening skills are our top values.



The boutique firm of Arnault Thibault Cléroux is proud to share 25 years of success in litigation with you. Thank you for your trust! Turning twenty-five is a major milestone. We owe our success to a job well done, unflagging discipline, and a powerful team. Over the years, we’ve created a winning formula that puts the client at the heart of our thinking. We listen to and work with our clients to find the best possible solutions together. We take a human approach and create real bonds of trust. With over 3,000 clients served, the boutique firm of Arnault Thibault Cléroux has carved out a solid reputation and developed extensive expertise in managing and resolving disputes. We’re always honing our knowledge to stay on the cutting edge with innovative strategies. We champion your cause with passion. The past 25 years have proven we can look confidently to the future. Our clients can count on us. Luc Arnault, partner and accredited arbitrator Jean-Rémi Thibault, partner and accredited arbitrator Stéphane Cléroux, partner, accredited arbitrator and mediator